Basement Promo 2015

by Nothing Left

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3-song live preview of the full length, coming 2016.
This promo is TTRC#36.

Recorded as three "live practice" style sessions in the Time Table Studio on 10/20/2015, No editing or overdubs.
Recorded by Derek Jolley.
Engineered by Danny Washington.
Album art by Caleb Hartnett.


released October 31, 2015

Frank Yuhas- vocals
Sara D'Andrea- bass
Ryan Savitski- guitar
Davey Casterline- guitar
Tommy Norton- drums



all rights reserved


Time Table Records Collective Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

This one's a new one.

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Track Name: Market 32
Keep in the back of your head that I'm the one who makes you work.
And you repay me with hate.
You take the food from my plate.
And ask for more.
You just expect every mess to be fixed by the time you come back.
I'm not the one who cares, not anymore.
I want to get things back on track.
And when I do, I'll close this door.
Track Name: Head in the wall
I don't have time for your ignorance
I won't sit back and put up with this.
You think you decide what's good and what's bad,
your way of life is a dying fad.
You don't know me or my past.
Your glory will fade, but my art will last.
We'll unite against your arrogance
and you won't get another chance.
Your friends have thrown you under the bus,
but you continue to belittle us.
Your ego has taken over your mind.
Now you have no one to stand behind.
We'll unite against your arrogance
and you won't get another fucking chance.
You can't disrespect what I do,
I do it for myself not for you.
Ignorance dies while thought prevails,
passion will succeed while hatred fails.
Track Name: Get Me Down
We'll keep our heads up,
Keep our fists clenched.
Stand up tall
Against the bullshit.
Why is everyone trying to bring me down?
I'll keep my head clear and you should shut your mouth
Because what you're saying, it doesn't phase me
I know I'm always gonna be me.
And I stay true to myself
And you can go fuck yourself
I'll always remain headstrong
And don't you fucking say I'm wrong.