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released August 8, 2014

Social Loafers...
Mark Ruggere: vocals
Kevin BDK Adams: guitar
Dan Washington: drums
Dyl Jolley: bass
Derek Jolley: guitar

Summer Holds The Earth...
Nate Harbaugh: drums, vocals
Derek Jolley: guitar, vocals
Dylan Jolley: bass
Danny Washington: guitars

Recorded live at JL Recording in Olyphant, PA on 7/5/14.
Mixed by Joe Loftus.
This record is TTRC#22



all rights reserved


Time Table Records Collective Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

This one's a new one.

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Track Name: Social Loafers - Bridge The Gap
I feel alone in the strangest places whether on my own or surrounded by familiar faces. I can’t explain it.
Track Name: Social Loafers - Heartfire
I've never been the voice of reason, that’s why I never spoke.
She’s a lost cause and a junkie; I was a kid full of hope.
I wasn't in love with her and I’m still not ‘til this day.
So I’m not sure why it hurts so much to hear her fade away.
I see myself in her just before I changed.
We shared a dark space and I left but she stayed.
We shared sweat to ease the pain but I still slept alone all day.
Our feelings were fake, so I found a better place where my thoughts and mind aren't wasted.
I still hold regrets and every day I face them.
Her life became mine. The gesture wasn't returned.
Almost forgot to exist. Almost forgot to be heard.
Track Name: Social Loafers - Welted
There was no weight in the words he said, no care for anyone but himself.
And maybe someday she’ll be self-sufficient for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.
All she sees before she sleeps is the metal part of his belt.
And he knows he’s wrong but he’s pissed and drunk, she bellows a cry before she is struck.
I think she’s had enough.
But she can’t make it on her own. I know how that is.
Her house is not a home.
It’s just a prison she is trapped in.
There was no weight in the words he said, no care for anyone but himself.
And maybe someday she’ll be self-sufficient for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.
We both accept this curse.
Track Name: Summer Holds The Earth - Recycle Life
I see an uncut lawn, it looks like a redwood forest with the bark still on.
I’d like to see this gorgeous house from when I was born.
But who’s to say that it’s not worth the fight?
So count me out, shut the door, recycle life.
I want to see it rise and see a Mercury minivan parked inside.
I’d like to see the sun beat down on the power lines.
But who’s to say the obvious is right?
So count me out, shut the door, recycle your life.
Yeah I don’t mind that I’m losing my head this time.
Yeah I don’t care that your dog ran away again.
Recycle life, I know just what you’ll do.
You’ll throw it out tonight.
I don’t expect breakthroughs. I know you'll recycle your life or maybe not at all.
Please count me out, shut the door, recycle your life.
Track Name: Summer Holds The Earth - Jumanji
I’ve been stuck in this game, but I dug up the box, I made the choice to play.
Now I have gone astray, so empty are my words like expectation strains.
I’ve been trapped in my mind, my thoughts have been reversed, I can’t afford the time.
Now I have lost my way, so heavy is my heart, so empty are my pointless days.
Buy yourself a dog, steal yourself a wife, build yourself a house, seal yourself inside.
Seasons pass you by, endlessly refrain, holes are in the roof. Can’t you feel the rain?
Cover up the walls, plaster up these holes. Wave your banners high: sex-conditioned roles.
I have not the heart to stop when it's too late. The mind will fall apart, the brain deteriorates.
Quick deteriorate, stuck inside this game. Quick deterioration: complete lack of sensation.
I certainly wished that this was a joke but I buried my head and I’m coughing from smoke.
I think I’m alive but it’s too hard to tell. I’ll see satan or god in both heaven or hell.
In either oh well. It takes two to hurt one’s self.
I’m not gonna fold my hand this time. My heart is on the table, I’ve parted with it already so I’m fine.
No more honest communication, no more build-up, no more letdown.
No more problems left to face here in this post-industrial coal town.
Everything is bullshit at least the way that I see. Go fuck up your own life but keep it out of my valley.
As if you’ve ever been trapped in a bad day. It’s like your never gonna fight your way out.
The fact of the matter is nothing else matters but healing your bruises and stitching your doubts.
I’ve finally looked in the mirror and destroyed every mask I’ve had glued to my face.
The fact of the matter is nothing else matters. Surrender the game we call life. My conscience escapes.
I’ve been stuck in this game. I was not good at first. I swear I’ve found a way…