South of Wilkes​-​Barre


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Griswald is the new voice of hardcore from Wilkes-Barre, PA.
The band consists of these gentlemen:
Randall, Jim, Anthony, Joe, and Fazio.

Recorded and Engineered by Ned Russin in Edwardsville, PA.
Mastered by Will Yip in Conshohocken, PA.
Released on the Time Table Collective: 7/16/2014.
This record is TTRC#20.

Idols & Anchors:


released July 15, 2014

Additional Vocals on "Role Models" by Ned Russin.
Additional Vocals on "South of WB" and "Thick Smoke" by Stefan Crowl.



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Time Table Records Collective Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

This one's a new one.

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Track Name: Role Models
Monkey see and monkey do,
All talk through and through.
You're all smoke and mirrors,
Who you trying to fool?

I've got a young perspective
But I'm more man than you,
With a heart of stone
And unwavering truth.
I can see better in the dark
Than I can see through you.

You brought me into this world
But you clouded my mind with doubt.
I thought we were supposed to be family
But love is what I'm left without.

Our youth is failing and they don't give a shit.
Creativity; no one recognizes it.
We have something to show to the rest of world.
We have our voice and we will be heard.
Track Name: Straight Forward
I don't need a temple in the sky to get by.
My conscience will lie in the dirt with me when I die.
My heart lives in the place that I love with my friends.
That's where my salvation exists.

Nothing more nothing less.
Live by what I feel not by what anyone says.
I'd rather die than be weighed down by your regrets
This is how I choose to live.

In a world so numb,
Be the person nobody expects.
With no determination to show support and love,
How can we get anything done?
Track Name: South of Wilkes-Barre
Can you take it back
Before it ends?
Foot in mouth
Think before it's said

A loaded gun can take off your head

You never think before
Taking action
100% chance to fail but
You're surprised by the outcome

I gave everything to let you
have part of me
And ever since I feel like
I've been missing that piece
I tried so hard to keep us
from going under,
You abandoned ship as soon as
you heard thunder

You can take a bullet or knife
But no pain is as bad
As being left to gasp for breath
(My blood is on your hands)

How could you leave me
To die in cold blood.
I won't be forgotten
Memories live on.

I will haunt you like a ghost
You only looked out for yourself
The one you love most

They'll make you pay for it
Your life is a sin, walk tall
With a fake grin

Call yourself a friend
through thick and thin.
Loyalty loses its value
when you give in.
You always called yourself a friend,
but weren't a friend until the end.

South of Wilkes-Barre born and bred
Can't get the picture of it out of my head

Put your regret in my casket
And fill it with dirt
Lay me down and forget
Just another scar in the earth
Track Name: Thick Smoke
I won’t follow you're lost.
Have you been drinking the water?
This place is getting to your head.
I won’t follow you're loss
Because I see the salt in your eyes.
You’ll see us to our end.

Do you ever think before you speak?
Forced to eat the shit you constantly feed.
Taint the air with your wasted breath,
Mouth rotting out with the stench of death.
Cut out your tongue, shove it down your throat.
Force you to listen to the souls you hurt while you choke.

With your neck out and your chin on the block,
better watch your head when the ax drops.

You’re on a roll.
How far will it go? How far will it go?
Your mind has lost control.

In the time I've spent looking for something more
I’m pulled back to the bottom.
I can’t justify between what’s right and wrong.
I guess I must have forgotten.
But this place makes me feel as free
as I've ever been and I feel alive.
I’m still alive, I’m still alive
and I’ll always remember
that I've seen the light.
Track Name: Throw Bones
Who’s on my side, when this team’s pride has died?
Who’s on my side, when the only blood left to spill is mine?

I can see the fear swelling up your eyes.
I can see the fear breaking down your mind.
And I was never afraid.
I’ll never be afraid.

Take the gloves off because at the end of the day,
you’re the one in my way.
I've got your number and I’m coming for you.
I’ll ring you out and
I’ll run you through.

I’ll do my time for seeing justice served right.
I’ll do my time for doing what I think is right.
Fist clenched with hate,
Standing up for myself is the only way.

Take the gloves off because at the end of the day,
You’re the one in my way.
I got your number and I’m coming for you.
I’ll ring you out and
I’ll run you through.