Suffer The Struggle




released August 25, 2014

Recorded by Ned Russin in Edwardsville, PA.
Mixed by Joseph Picataggio.
Mastered by Will Yip in Conshohocken, PA.
Song written and performed by Griswald.
This record is TTRC#23.



all rights reserved


Time Table Records Collective Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

This one's a new one.

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Track Name: Suffer The Struggle
You've got to kill them with kindness
Instead of beating them down with violence.
Someone has to pay and when the freight train of pain
Comes to pass they push us in the way.

Live in defiance or self-doubt
Of what this life is really about.
What's the deal? Be real in your mind. *
The path you walk is not a thin line. *
Plant the seeds in the heads of those ^
Destined to be great and overcome ones that oppose. ^
We won't be forced to divide.
We're smarter than we look on the outside.

You've got to kill them with kindness
Instead of beating them down,
Raping them with violence.

Your opinions aren't safe. ^
Every step will be measured and land-marked a mistake. ^
Suffer the struggle, strain to survive
Wading in a current brought down by the tide.

Feel the ebb and flow of the undertow. *
Let your head and your heart go where they want to go. ^
If it were up to me, *
I'd make everyone be free from the insanity.
Always predicting the future *
Instead of living for the now. ^
We've got a fight on our hands ^
We better sort this shit out. ^

Always the same
Taking fortune and fame over being humane.
Is it all for gain?
Not being judged by our action
But by how we look and what we say
You won't give us a chance.

Why are you so afraid?

^ Gene
* Colton